Oldham Apartments
Oldham Apartments
MISSION STATEMENT: Provide clean, safe, quiet and reasonably priced Apartment Homes

Our management and operating strategy is based on the fulfillment of our mission for the residents of Oldham County. This strategy is also what makes the business successful. What’s good for one is good for all.

It starts with the application screening process. Our rigorous screening insures that the residents who live around you won’t be the type who make you want to move somewhere else. And you won’t be embarrassed by the cars in the parking lot or the trash on the property or unsightly junk left on patios, decks and breezeways or disturbed by the noise they make.

Next is our lease. The lease is an agreement between the resident and the property owner. As the property owner we agree to provide numerous things in exchange for a monthly rental fee. But that is not all. As a resident you are required to behave in a way that is not offensive to others.

We provide and maintain exterior lighting in the parking areas and common areas in the buildings. We provide and maintain the water and sewage services. We maintain the electrical, mechanical systems and appliances in all the units. We maintain the landscaping and remove snow and ice from the lot in winter.

We strive to provide the best value for apartment rentals in Oldham County.